Daora is a project management and DAO analytics tracker. Think of it as a decentralised, multi-tenancy Jira board where contributors track tasks across DAOs and receive rewards.

🏆 ETHAmsterdam Finalist
🥇 Dune — Best Use
🥇 Best use of IPFS or Filecoin
🥉WalletConnect — Social Track

Sphere is a decentralised multi-chain resource management hub for enterprises and individuals to store, search, and manage files.

🏆 Best use of Ethereum
🏆 Best use of decentralised storage


Parity is a decentralised platform addressing the lack of job market transparency across web2 and web3 through zk-verified insights and optimistic oracles, empowering professionals to make confident career choices.

🏆 UMA Protocol - Pool Prize



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